Welcome to the Lycos Customer Service Center!

Our regular business hours are Monday - Friday from 9AM - 5PM EST


Our ongoing registration issues have been resolved. If you are still experiencing any issues logging in, please reset your browser and try again. If the issue persists please submit a ticket with a screenshot of any errors you are receiving. We appreciate your patience through this difficult issue.


Please note that our abuse team has identified an email scam targeting Lycos Mail users. Some customers are receiving the following message:
"Your email has been detected sending Spam mails, Verify your account now by clicking the link below;
Failure to comply will led to termination/Closure of your Email ID. Losing all your important files.

Lycos Admin."

This email has been identified as a phishing attempt. If you have clicked the link please reset your password. If you receive the email, DO NOT click the link. Instead delete the email and continue using Lycos Mail as normal. We are working to block this email from reaching our users. If you have any questions please contact support through a ticket.


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