Lycos Abuse Policy

The Lycos Terms of Service outline the actions and/or conduct that is prohibited on the Lycos Network. Please read the Terms of Service carefully, as they contain legal obligations.

To report any violations of the Lycos Network Terms of Service, please e-mail the URL of the offending site to

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    Leonardo Rodriguez

    i have unsuscribe the lycos

    what do i do????

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    I want this Creepy Lisa Marie Tribute mailers to STOP emailing me with spam. I thought that I have already deleted my account through Yahoo Groups with that group site, so I wouldn't get their emails. If it cannot be dealt with, then I have absolutely no reason to use this domain ever!!!

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    this tammy tackett  Must have a mental issue in her freaking  head, she harases me to be her friend, & she dosen't want me for her friend no more then the man on the moon, cause last yr she asked me to be her snailmail pal after that she said n o I don't want to now I want email,  so  this yr she emails me again & I blew up at her to leave me alone &  I told her I had  her email that I was gonna report her to the police if she kept harrasing me 

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